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Experience since 1955 as a manufacturer of
precision finishing systems makes Walgren your best source for:


Anodizing Systems for chromic acid anodizing, sulfuric acid anodizing, hardcoat anodizing, phosphoric acid anodizing and boric sulfuric anodizing, Thin film and more.

Architectural Anodizing
Automotive Anodizing
Medical Components Anodizing
Military and Aerospace Anodizing

Plating Systems for zinc and zinc alloy plating, systems for plating copper, brass, nickel, chrome and tin; electroless nickel plating systems, hard chrome, cadmium and more.

Environmental Control Systems for stack emissions, solid wastes and effluent waste streams from finishing systems of all types


Specialty Finishing Systems including barrel finishing lines, also rack and basket lines for zinc, iron and manganese phosphate; black oxide, chem film, chromating, nital etch, stainless and titanium passivate, and electropolishing

Pretreatment Systems, including parts washers, systems for etching, and the application of zinc, manganese or iron phosphate turnkey finishing systems that include automatic hoists and hoist structures for electroplating and electrocoating, catwalks and equipment platforms, load/unload stations, work bars, and tanks

Advanced Automation for anodizing, plating and specialty finishing systems. All Walgren controls are NACAP and ISO compliant.

Auxiliary Systems, including ventilation, and scrubbers that maintain stack emissions to specific ppm levels set by local permit requirements for all input concentrations


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Walgren Company is a world leader as a turnkey system manufacturer for anodizing equipment, hoists, barrel plating equipment lines, electroplating equipment, and powder coating systems for companies worldwide! Careers at Walgren